Who We Are


Rolling Grocer 19 Team


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Audrey BermaN


Audrey (pronouns: they/them) is responsible for the logistics at RG19. They have spent the last seven years working in the local food system, first training on and managing diverse vegetable farms, and eventually starting their own non-profit, Long Table Harvest.  Audrey serves on the leadership committee for the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition and is also working on the Community Food Hub, a long-term vision of food and social equity in Columbia County.

Email: audrey@rollinggrocer19.org


Monserrat Gomez

Monserrat (pronouns: she/her) spent most of her life growing up in Hudson. She works as a Retail Associate at RG19 and enjoys interacting with the customers and making sure their shopping experience is successful. Monserrat hopes to see RG19 grow even more and help those in our community.


Stephanie Lazar - Advisory Group Chair

Stephanie (pronouns: she/her) brings her commitment to public health, social justice, and a healthy planet to RG19. Her advocacy experience propels her efforts to realize and reinforce a community that benefits from the good food grown in the region. She chairs RG19's Advisory Group and provides general project support to keep RG19 rolling.

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Steffen Schneider - Business development Advisor

Steffen’s (pronouns: he/him) passion lies in trying to solve the “double affordability gap” in our current food system and growing the Hudson Valley Foodshed. He supports operational and logistical aspects of RG19 and acts as liaison to Whitethorne LLC(the temporary hub of RG19) and the Hawthorne Valley Farmstore. He is a Co-Founder and Director of the Institute for Mindful Agriculture.


Selha "Cece" Graham


Cece (pronouns: she/her) has been a business owner in the city of Hudson for over a decade. She brings people-centric work experience and a long-standing passion for food justice to RG19. Cece began as a member of the Hudson Core Group and is integral to the daily operations and tasks necessary to not only run RG19, but to cultivate a community gathering place revolving around food and nourishment. 

Email: cece@rollinggrocer19.org


Retail Associates


Michaela Gomula

Michaela (pronouns: she/her) works at RG19 as a Retail Associate and Receiving Assistant, picking up products to be sold in the store. She also works at Hudson City School District, where she has had different roles for the last three years. Some responsibilities have included working with under-resourced families as well as youth employment services. Michaela strongly believes in the mission

Project Team

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Briggin Scharf - Outreach and Education Coordinator

Briggin (pronouns: she/her) offers her love of regenerative farming and nature-based teaching to RG19. She can be found engaging customers and community members of all ages in interactive cooking demos, assisting with daily store sales, and organizing outreach for RG19 services throughout Columbia County.   

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Michelle Hughes


Michelle (pronouns: she/her) manages purchasing for RG19. She also leads our fundraising efforts to keep our prices affordable for the entire Hudson community. Michelle comes to us with more than 15 years of experience building programs that increase knowledge, collaboration, and equity in the food system. Michelle is also working to develop the Community Food Hub for Columbia County.

Email: michelle@rollinggrocer19.org


CHristian Johnson

Christian (pronouns: he/him) joins the RG19 sales team as our first AmeriCorps Member. He was born and raised in Hudson, and has worked primarily in food service as well as with the Hudson Youth Department during the summers at Oakdale. Christian wants to see his city become a resource to all that live within it.


Rachel Schneider - Columbia County Partnerships Liaison

Rachel (pronouns: she/her) helped to design and implement RG19 project as part of the Hudson Core Group. She supports RG19 by being a “helping hand” on the truck, developing collaborating partnerships and writing grants. She is a Co-Founder of the Institute for Mindful Agriculture, part of the Hawthorne Valley Association.


Advisory Group


Jabin Ahmed - family specialist, warren st academy


Maija Reed - Early childhood educator


Todd Erling - executive director, hudson valley agribusiness


amy lawton - chef / kitchen manager, random harvest


Arlen Medina - Teacher’s Aide at JOhn l. Edwards Elementary School


Hudson Partners

Clockwise from the right: Mohammad Rahman, Briggin Scharf, Kayah Payton, Cece Graham, Rachel Schneider, Audrey Berman, Jabin Ahmed, Shannon Kenneally, Wendy Kenneally. Not Pictured: Juan Sanchez and Arlen Medina.

Clockwise from the right: Mohammad Rahman, Briggin Scharf, Kayah Payton, Cece Graham, Rachel Schneider, Audrey Berman, Jabin Ahmed, Shannon Kenneally, Wendy Kenneally. Not Pictured: Juan Sanchez and Arlen Medina.


Hudson Core Group

The Hudson Core Group (HCG) is a community-driven action group working to create opportunities for change in the local food system. Made up of a diverse group of Hudson residents, the HCG has gathered together for the last two years to uncover and research barriers to food access, putting forth real-world solutions to increase the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors in Hudson. 


County-wide Partnerships

BTCF LOGO Stacked.png
LTH logo apple.jpg

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Strengthening communities through philanthropy and leadership.


Hawthorne Valley Association

Our mission is to promote social and cultural renewal through the integration of education, agriculture and the arts. We are committed to environmentally sound land management as the basis for sustainable economic success. By exploring the dynamic relationships among education, agriculture, the arts, economics, and science, Hawthorne Valley hopes to foster sustainable forms of human endeavor that enhance the quality of life for ourselves and for future generations.

Rolling Grocer 19 is a project of Hawthorne Valley Association.


Long Table Harvest

Our mission is to cultivate social and economic equality in the local food system through dynamic and inclusive, and creative collaborations in our diverse, rural community.