Rolling Grocer 19

About Us

Rolling Grocer 19 (RG19) is a year round, full-service grocery store on wheels serving Hudson and the broader Columbia County. 

RG19 represents a community-driven  response to the immediate challenges of a food- and economically-insecure environment that currently exists in the county. Inhabiting a renovated 16’ trailer, the mobile store will offer a wide range of wholesome products, including fresh produce, dairy, bread + grains, frozen meat + seafood, non-perishables, toiletries and other miscellaneous products.

Our intention is to provide convenient, quality food for all - no matter the income level - with a priority placed on low-income residents. Food on the trailer will be made affordable through a fair pricing system (similar to sliding scale). Customers will self-select into one of three price levels and pay for products according to their financial ability. At the same time, the mobile store will provide an additional wholesale market for producers, prioritizing sourcing from local environmentally-conscious farmers and distributors, and therefore supporting the direct reinvestment of local spending back into community businesses.