Fair Pricing System

Rolling Grocer 19 uses an innovative fair pricing model to ensure food accessibility for all. Similar to sliding-scale pricing, customers will consider several personal factors, including combined household income,  and then self-select the payment tier that meets their individual shopping needs. We do not ask for any paperwork or verification, and trust that customers will make an honest decision. 

Selection into a price tier happens the first time a customer shops. Our staff assist customers with their tier selection, and then save this preference in our system so that all future purchases are automatically linked to each customer's chosen tier.  If your financial/personal situation changes, we ask you to notify us so that we can make the necessary changes to your membership. 

Products are listed with three prices.

*Note: there is no membership fee to shop at Rolling Grocer 19.

FPS Tiers - updated.jpg

Payment Methods

We currently accept SNAP/EBT, credit cards (except amex and discover), cash, check (local banks only), apple and google pay.